Saman Tehrani
Saman Tehrani



full-stack WEb development, lamp stack, custom wordpress theme


Designer: Maria A Gonzalez


INSinsideIDE is an online resource platform for the study of interior spaces. It is committed to assist the notion that interiors deserve critical study; inclusive of all elements that together create habitable space. This site aims to support a deeper appreciation of how we compose the spaces where we live and work. With access to historical, global and speculative examples, this interactive digital archive encourages the understanding of comparative and multi-cultural aesthetic norms that are inevitably expressed through interior composition.

I took over website's development on 2015 when the site was merely composed of posts of WYSIWYG content. Therefore, it didn't have any underlying data architecture model which would in turn enable the website to be used as a scientific research tool. The content weren't queryable. No metadata could be formed on top of the content. Thus, it didn't have any information usability. As the website's full stack developer I designed the entire infrastructure and data architecture model, developed a custom WordPress theme and administrated its server for one year. INSinsideIDE is built over LAMP stack. The project's life cycle throughout my involvement with the site was as below: 

  • Requirement gathering through rounds of  interviews with editors of the site, contributors of the site, site's owner, historians working on the site.
  • System data architecture design.
  • Site implementation and development.
  • Testing and feedback on our staging server for 4 months.
  • Content migration from the legacy system. 
  • Deployment on the live server. 
  • Documentation and training.

As of September 2016, the website has over 800 project displays, 2 active editors and more that 40 active contributors. Unfortunately, the website is not responsive yet as the focus was more on the data model. That said, we are looking forward to revamp the site's look and rebuild its frontend from scratch. The specification of the system has been put together and is being built with React.